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Textile Objects Market | 3, 4 August
As part of
PENINSULARES 2013_Contemporary Textile Art Iberian Encounters
20th July to 30th August | Instituto de Design, Guimarães, Portugal

Contextile 2012 ended at October 14th
Contextile’s first edition has ended with an accession and positive critics above expectations. More than 50 000 people have visited and participated on the several events of the program: exhibitions, residencies, performances, public interventions and conference. The Contextile 2012 event was a success thanks to the involvement of many people and specially of the artists who took the challenge and believed in the project. To all of you, thank you so much. We have many incentives and a even higher motivation. For that reason, we already summon you to Contextile’s second edition. See you soon.


Conference “Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?”
Around 200 people – artists, textile designers, teachers, textile art students and cultural agents – have participated, on the 2nd and 3rd of October, at the Grande Auditório of Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimarães, in this conference that counted with a panel of speakers specialized in textile art: Beatrijs Sterk (European Textile Network) and Lesley Miller (University for the Creative Arts, UK). Have also taken part of the panel, the guests: Lala de Dios, Orenzio Santi, Francisco Laranjo (FBAUP, Art College of Porto’s University) and Hugo Ferrão (FBAUL, Art College of Lisboa’s University).

International Textile Network Japan visiting Contextile 2012

A delegation of 25 Japanese artists of International Textile Network Japan went to Guimaraes for the purpose of visiting Contextile 2012. The visit was scheduled and guided by Contextile 2012 team. The program also included a visit to a local textile company and to the city of Guimarães in collaboration with Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture.


SPEED PROJECTS   10 minutes, 10 images 

The Speed Projects are individual presentations which are part of the Conference “Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?” on 2nd (Tuesday) and 3rd (Wednesday) of October being part of the program of Contextile 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial.

The challenge was launched last July to allow interested parties to submit their applications, addressing topics such as arts education, artistic production, market experiences and other related to the axes of the Conference: diagnosis, markets, prospects; What place for artistic Schools?
It were received 22 applications which were then subjected to an evaluation and selection criteria according to the axes, the textile art and diversification of work in order to make interesting and relevant the sessions for the understanding of the universe of Textile Art.


Cidade Crochet (Crochet City) September 10 to October 4, Toural Square, Guimarães, Portugal
Cidade Crochet (Crochet City) is a Contextile 2012 project. Its creation took place during the month of August and is now presented to the public in the form of installation, built-in Pop Up Culture program of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture.


Credits: C.A. Baker & Niall Kitching                                                                                    Ian Morrish & Katie Tweddle

Acquisition Prize

The jury of Contextile 2012 awarded Claire A. Baker from UK with the ACQUISITION PRIZE by her artwork “Built Up, Broken Down”, 2012.
The juri decided as well to contemplate three other artists with Honorable Mentions:Cláudia Melo, Portugal, Cyril Le Van, France and Tamar Nissim, Israel


Photo Credits: Cristina Pinto

Official Opening Contextile 2012

The inauguration of Contextile 2012, which took place on September 1, was highly participated by  Guimarães inhabitants  and visitors from across the country and the world at around 700 participants. The ceremony was attended by officials such as the Mayor of Guimarães, António Magalhães, Councillor for Culture. Dr. Francisca Abreu, representatives of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, representatives of various embassies and selected artists. The works of textile art exhibited in various spaces surprised those who visited them.

The Contextile 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial is open until October 14, with exhibitions in the Casa da Memória  (House of Memory), Av Conde Margaride (from 10h to 20h),  The Ducal Palace (from 10h to 18h), the Municipal Archive Alfredo Pimenta (weekdays 9am to 17:30).


The Contextile 2012 team is pleased to invite you to attend the opening of the first edition of Contextile 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial, on 1st September in Guimarães.

Pre-opening 16h e 17h

Rewind History – Extension of Kaunas Biennial Textile ’11
Paço dos Duques de Bragança, 16h (near the Guimarães Castle)

Gisela Santi_ Anthological Exhibition
Arquivo Municipal Alfredo Pimenta, 17h
João Lopes de Faria st., n.12

Official Opening Cerimony 18h

International Exhibition
In Factory
Guimarães Embroidery
Factory Archive
Casa da Memória, 18h
Conde Margaride Av., nº 490-502

4 Million_ Performance
Plataforma das Artes, 20h
Conde Margaride Av.


Bordado de Guimarães [Guimarães Embroidery] ongoing until the end of August.

“Home, Sweet Home!” is the title of the latest creation of the Estonian artist Monika Järg, who is participating in the Contextile 2012 artist-in-residency program in A Oficina, Guimarães, until the end of August. In coopperation with the artisans, the artist is dedicated to creating an installation that combines the techniques of embroidery, and its specific characteristics, with wood, which reflects her work concept. The work will be exhibited from Sept 1 to Oct 14 in Casa da Memória (Av. Conde Margaride). Further informations


SPEED PROJECTS: new deadline to apply

Due to the summer period, there is a new deadline to apply for the Speed Projects: September 7. The Speed Projects consist of an individual presentation on arts education, artistic production, market experiences or other, related with textile art. It has a maximum duration of 10 minutes, accompanied by 10 images. Your speed project will be presented at the conference “Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?” taking place in Guimarães on 2 and 3 October. Apply and participate! Application form


The result of the artistic residencies IN FACTORY, which took place during the month of July, will be presented to the public from September 1- October 14, at Contextile 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial na Casa da Memória (Av. Conde Margaride), Guimarães. Ernesta Dikinytè (Lithuania) developed the project in Pereira da Cunha SA and the result is entitled “Invisible People”. It is held in Jacquard loom and brings the plant workers to the spotlight. Speaking of her work, the artist stresses that “the same way that a pixel is very important for weaving, each worker is very important to the company.” Francesca Piñol (Spain) created two artworks in her residency in Sampedro: “Blau” and “Cercle”. The artist was inspired by the origins of the factory, patterns, textures, fabrics and weaving machines that produce the fabrics. “To feel the weaving structures, to feel covered by them, and to feel accompanied by them in our personal journey, our way of doing” is the purpose of Francesca Piñol work.


Interweave the Textile with Art

“Tecer Guimarães” (Weaving Guimarães) occupied part of the renewed garden of Alameda São Damaso in the heart of the city of Guimarães, to create large knitting pieces with the collaboration of its inhabitants and visitors. They joined the Contextile team for a collective work. This intervention of public art was part of the program PopUp Culture of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture and placed Contextile-Contemporary Textile Art Triennial at the center of all attention.


Photo courtesy: Guimarães Digital


Contextile – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial was officially presented to the media last July 27, 2012, at the Platform of Arts in Guimarães. From September 1 to October 14 the city will have the opportunity to contact with textile art, designed and created in an innovative and contemporary way by artists from various parts of the world. check the program.

Nearby in Alameda S. Damaso, on the same day, an interactive activity called “Tecer Guimarães” (Weaving Guimarães) was held in order to weave the textile with art, with the participation of all those who wanted to be part of this initiative of PopUp Culture of Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture, which put Contextile in the center of all attention.

In the factories Sampedro and Pereira da Cunha SA the artists Dikinytè Ernesta (Lithuania) and Francesca Piñol (Spain) continue their artist-in residency projects now nearing completion. The result of the work will be exhibited from 1 September to 14 October, in Casa da Memória (Av. Conde Margaride, Guimarães).


Artistic Residencies_IN FACTORY

Two artists began last July 2 (until July 31) the residency In Factory in two textile industries in Guimarães, whom enthusiastically opened their doors to host this project in a perspective of sharing and experimenting with new creative ideas applied to textiles. The artist Ernesta Dikinytè (Lithuania), specialized in textile design, develops her project in the company Pereira da Cunha SA and Francesca Piñol (Spain), anthropologist and with training in textile design, works in the company Sampedro.

These artistic residencies are part of Contextile 2012 program. The final results will be presented to the public from September 1, day of the opening of the exhibitions of Contextile 2012 – Triennial of Contemporary Art Textiles.



Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?


“Contemporary Textile Art: what prospects?” is the subject of the conference that will take place on 2nd and 3rd of october in Guimarães/Portugal as part of Contextile 2012 – Contemporary Textile Art Triennial program that intends to make an state of play both national and international on Textile Art. The approach will be rather a general and comprehensive character and it will be divided in two work axes: 1) diagnostic, markets and prospects; 2)what place in artistic schools?

Being part of the conference program a challenge is launched to present Speed Projects – 10 minutes / 10 images.

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